BluLava Systems an independent, advertising and web development agency located in Accra Ghana, West Africa. Which means that we do what we want because we aren’t tied down to a big holding company to answer to. Which allows us to do what we do best: identifying and communicating your brand story. Everywhere your brand lives. From paper to the web, from developing complex websites that sell your products to brand videos and creating the tools your sales team needs to get the products in store.

We pride ourselves on living in the today but always looking ahead to what will be new tomorrow. Staying on trends, fully capable digitally without giving up the brains behind the big picture strategy. An independent agency with an entrepreneurial spirit, we produce the work of a big agency without the headache. (Read: Bureaucracy, layers of command, conflicts of interest, blah blah blah…) And with that, you get it quicker, and more cost efficiently.

"If you believe in it, let the world see it"


The Team

The Guys behind all this

Kojo Johnson

Web Developer / Entrepreneur

Jeffrey Atsuson

Lead Director / Producer

Jayden Eli Davson

Creative Designer/Print Consultant

Our Brands

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